The Liani Family

It was entirely coincidental that we stumbled upon Dror Barda Architects…

We had met quite a number of architects in the run-up to planning and building our house, but when we met Dror, there was an immediate “click”.

First, this is an architect who is open to the ideas and ambitions of his clients, with an excellent understanding of the process a couple and a family undergo in the course of planning and building their home, and he instills this approach also in his team. In addition to this, Dror is very, very, very… creative, planning every corner down to the last detail, “leaving no stone unturned”; he also tends to say that he likes to “knead” a planning idea or a question for a number of days to reach a solution that puts his mind to rest and presents the client with a solution.

Of course, this is an architect with highly developed planning skills, up to date with current planning and design approaches, with building technologies and the most advanced implementation, who knows how to get in touch with outstanding professional craftsmen. Building a home with Dror is not a technical process, but a genuine experience! Beyond inspiring discussions and creativity, Dror invests heavily both in the projects he manages and in his clients. All this turned the building project, which had great potential for difficulties and crises, into an interesting and challenging process. Dror inspired a certainty in us that enabled us to cope with the very complex undertaking of building our own home. We have been living in the house Dror planned for us already for five years, and we thank him every day for the result, for the excellent functionality, the unique design and the special atmosphere which the house exudes for every single family member, for the entire family as well as for our guests.

In addition, there was never a visitor who didn’t exclaim, “Wow!” when entering our home. In summary, we are full of satisfaction of the house which Dror planned and designed for us. For all this, we thank Dror and warmly recommend that you put the planning of your house in his hands; we won’t have another one any more…

The Liani Family

המלצות נוספות

The Yatkovsky Family

We cannot deny the fact that much of the pleasure we take in our home is thanks to Dror Barda

Full Recommendation

Agi and Michael Paz, Herzliyah

We used your services as an interior architect, and it’s a pity that it wasn’t possible for us to enjoy you as an architect while we were building.

Full Recommendation