Public and commercial

Public and commercial

Our firm has great experience in architectural planning and interior design of a variety of public building and commercial spaces, including offices, showrooms, commercial spaces, gasoline stations and synagogues. 


Our rich experience in retail marketing and commercial fields solidified our marketing and commercial understanding (specializing in retail). We combine this unique knowledge and experience into the architectural planning, interior design, and light planning of commercial and retail spaces, thus providing our clients with functional efficiency, and maximal use of space, while achieving competitive advantage, allowing them to maximize their commercial results.

We dedicate our attention across an entire ensemble of subjects: Positioning, maximization of storage spaces and display, signposting that matches the character of the business, design language that speaks to the targeted public, and more.


The architectural planning of a synagogue holds a special meaning to us. We approach such projects with the utmost gratitude and respect. We understand the delicate needs and nuances in planning synagogues, and it is important to us that the synagogue fits the congregation perfectly and provides it with a strong spiritual atmosphere and inspiration.



Office architectural planning and interior design require a high level of expertise. We understand the importance of a correct and efficient architectural planning, which supports the work flow and fits the office's field of activity.
We fit the interior design of the office to the firm's character and image, which affect the choice of materials. The lighting planning considers the nature of occupation, the required ambiance, as well as the needs of the employees and the importance of the right lighting on their performance and well-being, as well as the ongoing maintenance and cost and energy savings.

Our clients enjoy an office, which represents the company's positioning, in an accurate and pleasant manner. The space allows a functional management and efficient work, while providing the company and its clients with a comfortable working environment.