Interior Design

Interior design is a field of its own but it is still related to, and affected by, architectural planning.
A good interior designer knows how to combine the architectural style with the preferred taste and deco style of the clients and their needs, while making practical considerations in terms of comfort, efficiency, maintenance and saving costs.


We learn everything about our clients; their design style, taste, the atmosphere they would like to create in their residence, and the essence of the place they would like to come back to at the end of the day. We check, together with the client, the budget we should have for the project and plan the design accordingly, in a transparent and orderly manner. It is only after we have made the proper arrangements that we start planning the design and combine it with the architectural style, while ensuring high level of functionality. Other considerations, such as maintenance ease, cleaning options, and wear and tear of materials, influence the choices we make just as beauty and style and the combination of different materials do.


We keep ourselves up to date with the latest design solutions and innovative materials, as well as the new manufactures in the market, which allows us to provide our clients with creative, customized solutions.


We look at our projects from a holistic point of view and therefore do not tend to separate interior design from architectural planning, as both constitute a single complex.

We believe that the task of interior design is to emphasize and complete the architectural ideas of a project and to create the atmosphere within the space. Interior design is not disconnected from planning to the same extent that planning would not be complete without interior design. For this reason, each of our projects receives the individual design attention that befits it. The design of a private home is not similar to that of an apartment, and the design of an office is different from that of public or commercial spaces.


The end result is satisfied clients, who enjoy a creative interior design, which comprises a variety of tastefully arranged materials; a design, which fits all the parts into one, whole harmonic picture.