Our firm includes a separate lighting division. This field has developed immensely over the last few years, including new technologies and innovations, which improve the quality of the products, energy saving, and maintenance ease.

The clients enjoy the current lighting market, which offers a large variety of lighting solutions; therefore, they need professional advice in choosing the right lighting fixtures, and saving time, money and distress.

In an age where LED lighting rules (and technological innovations are being developed in this area every other day), and the contemporary style combines quite a bit of technical lighting with clean and minimalist design, a lot of professional knowledge and experience are required in order to achieve maximum results in terms of design and to match illumination to needs (angles, strength, light temperature, etc.).

Creative lighting with precise details and planning highlights the architectural concept and perfects the desired outcome. The right use of lighting should take into consideration parameters, such as type of light fixture, lighting intensity and scattering, lighting angels and temperature, which together create the desired effect.

The home serves for numerous needs, events, and situations; for instance, the living space is where the family gathers, requiring a happy and active atmosphere with a strong and efficient lighting. In quieter hours, a calm and romantic lighting is more suitable, and for entertaining, a festive and elegant atmosphere is created by a stylish and focused lighting.

Our clients enjoy a correct planning of lighting types in the same space, as well as an intelligent separation of lighting circles, which allow the creation of different atmospheres in the same space for various activities at different times.