Our firm has a proven track record in architectural planning, interior design and lighting planning of private residences. During years of planning luxury villas, cottages, duplexes and designed apartments, we have gained insights and developed a working method, which focuses on the clients and their needs.
Private building is our mission, and we understand how influential is the house planning on its residents, in numerous aspects. In an era, which encourages leisure culture and quality time, the home is not only meant to fulfill basic needs, but emotional ones as well, including hobbies, sports and any other activity the family chooses, and the house should meet these needs.

We are aware that the wishes, preferences, hobbies and habits of every family member are of importance, and we therefore take all these into account when planning the house, and especially when planning private spaces for each and every one of them.

The family's character and hosting habits will be demonstrated by the architectural planning, interior design and lighting of the residence, and its future planning should take into account the expected changes, including infrastructure preparations.

When we are about to conceptualize a private home, an entire ensemble of factors are taken into account which influence planning and the final results, and we will invest energy and time into the process of learning what is needed and collecting materials before starting the planning work itself.

We learn everything about our clients so we can come up with the perfect planning for them. We developed an elaborated characterization questionnaire (and continue refining it on the basis of accumulated experience), and we hold program meetings, as a preliminary stage of architectural planning. We believe that the right architectural planning is the most important step, but the interior design and lighting are what makes the house complete and creates the right ambiance in the space, taking into account the comfortable use and maintenance, as well as the needs, design preferences and the budget of the client.