Dror Barda Architects possess extensive experience in the field of architecture.
We care that the project is carried out perfectly according to the client's needs. Therefore, we integrate functional considerations into our architectural planning, alongside creativity and flexible, out-of-the-box thinking. We are convinced that the best way to match the architecture planning to the client is to put time and effort into the process of learning the client's design needs and preferences. 
For that end we have created a comprehensive and detailed questionnaire, reviewing the different needs of our clients and relating to various areas, which ultimately affect the layout of the house.
We study our clients' lifestyle, hosting habits, hobbies, professional interests, laundry habits and more.
We make a point to plan an open and spacious area, and know how to make the best use based on the given space and building rights.


Architectural planning is the first stage of the building process; therefore, it is the most crucial stage, which affects all the following ones. Similarly to a pyramid, a stable foundation ensures a safe and effective construction.
After we have achieved a well-planned basis, we can design it in different ways, which would fit the client's taste, lifestyle and budget.
The main characteristics of our architectural line are creativity and unique solutions, and our constant working assumption is that each client is special and unique, and we approach the planning of the project with curiosity and novelty as if it is our first project. 
To achieve the best result, we make use of the vast experience and the insights we have gained throughout years of learning and getting to know our clients.


A good architect forgets all his creative projects, and approaches a new project with a vision, letting his mind spin with new ideas; however, he remembers everything he learned from previous projects and keeps his feet on the ground.