About us



We create a functional sculpture, which features the individual, environment, space, material and texture, light and air. Together, Hadar and I are on a mission to create the best living and work environment for our clients.



Dror Barda Architects was established in 2000 by Hadar and Dror Barda.

Dror is an outstanding graduate of the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning of the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. He won the Sharett Foundation's award for young artists and the Leon Reiskin award. Dror gained his experience, while working for Israel's leading architects firms.

Hadar is an expert in design and lighting consultation, and runs the lighting division at the firm. She studied Architectural Lighting Design at Bar-Ilan University. Previously, she studied art at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design and held executive management and marketing positions.  

Dror and Hadar create high-quality architecture, meticulous, with classical, timeless lines. The office’s guiding values are creativity and functionality. At every stage, in every situation and with every budget, the engines of creation work at full speed, challenging both material and space. At the same time, the design will always be functional and easy to live in, in a way that utilizes the spatial potential to its fullest.


Our values

Quality, meticulous architecture, with classic and timeless lines.

Dror and Hadar's planning concept is that the structure should serve the client for many years; therefore, it is important to meet a high standard of planning and building, and create a classic design, which is aesthetic and inspiring for the clients who live, work, or visit the space, for many years.

Consequently, they refrain from including unnecessary trendy caprices into their planning which, according to their opinion, will not pass the test of time - without giving up, not even for a moment, technological and design innovation that can be defined as classic and sustainable.

Combination of creativity and functionality.

As a preliminary process of the planning and design work, Dror and Hadar conduct an in-depth research on the needs of the clients, their lifestyle, the desired ambiance in the space, their taste, and the kind of home they would like to come back to everyday. During each stage of their work, Dror and Hadar make sure that the planning meets the needs of the clients and their lifestyle, their activities and expectation, while maximizing the full potential of the structure and spaces. These professional standards, along with creative thinking, allow the clients to enjoy an effective solution to planning challenges, as well as uncompromising quality aesthetics. 

Budget planning.

Alongside the vision, dream and expectations, our team will fit the right planning to the client's budget. Dror and Hadar hold a brain-storming session and use all their knowledge and experience of past projects to face the challenges of the project and the given space, while taking the budget and the correct building standard into consideration.

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