Agi and Michael Paz, Herzliyah

Recommendation of Dror

We used your services as an interior architect, and it’s a pity that it wasn’t possible for us to enjoy you as an architect while we were building.

Now, that we have been living in the apartment for more than a year, we often point out the advantages we have from the ideas which you offered, which we accepted and which were carried out and implemented in the apartment. This also concerns functional issues, such as cupboards in the corridor, niches in the bathrooms and more, and also – esthetic ones.

We hugely benefitted from your work with professional craftsmen, such as, for example, the carpenter who did a lot of work for us. Coordination between you was perfect and it widely helped achieve the wonderful results of the work.

During all our meetings with you, we felt the love you have for your work as well as your sensitivity for the needs and wishes of your clients. You accompanied us whenever we asked and you contributed from your experience and your professional knowledge. The end product is excellent, and we warmly recommend you to anyone looking for an interior architect.

With much appreciation and wishes for a good and blessed year,


Agi and Michael Paz, Herzliyah

המלצות נוספות

The Yatkovsky Family

We cannot deny the fact that much of the pleasure we take in our home is thanks to Dror Barda

Full Recommendation

The Liani Family

We had met quite a number of architects in the run-up to planning and building our house, but when we met Dror, there was an immediate “click”.

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