Peer Levine Offices – Azrieli Towers, Tel Aviv

Area: about 250 m

“Peer Levine” is a company that concerns itself with public relations, and in this capacity, it was important to them to exude a pleasant and inviting feeling, combined with a design that correctly utilizes screens and media.

The contours that define the reception area near the entrance were designed in a three-dimensional geometrical shape that is covered in wallpaper with newspaper print. Behind the secretary’s station, four screens are mounted on a brick wall, featuring changing displays in accordance with the company’s decision.

The office is entered through a door in a glass wall through which the reception desk can be seen to the left and the brick wall with the company logo to the right.

In the conference room, there are newspaper articles hanging on the wall which were published by the company – samples of its abilities.

The curved corridor which lends access to the offices is covered in orange wallpaper, featuring wall lighting fixtures which emphasize the unified rhythm.