Offices of “MEMOREX TELEX” – Petah Tikva

Area: 150 m

The offices of the “MEMOREX TELEX” company are located in Petah Tikva and were designed by us in a way to best suit the company’s needs as defined by them.

Visitors are received by a rounded, prominent counter, behind which the receptionist is positioned. The counter was designed with a high side panel which enables the receptionist to do her daily work without exposing any clutter on the desk to the eyes of visitors.

Above, there is a plaster ceiling with integrated lighting fixtures which are scattered across it, seemingly at random. At the edges of the lowered ceiling, we incorporated hidden lighting to emphasize the effect.

At the back is a wall on which the company’s logo is displayed. Behind this wall, we hid all the electrical appliances which render general office services to all of the company’s employees (such as a fax machine, printer, scanner and such). On the one hand, these are close by and near the secretary/receptionist, and on the other hand, they are hidden from the eyes of visitors and face the offices of the company’s staff members.