A Synagogue and Religious Council House in Giv’at Shmu’el

Area: About 450 m

The front through which the building of the religious council in Giv’at Shmu’el is entered, is unique and interesting: it constitutes a floating cube/ark which is partly covered in wood and partly in glass walls. Above, there are wooden beams looking as if they had detached themselves from the surface; they create an abstract form reminiscent of the Star of David. Two of the star’s beams continue downwards and create pillars planted into the ground, “stabilizing” the building. The symbolic meaning of this façade is very strong and full of expression.

The ceiling of the synagogue has a light opening (skylight) at an angle that enables the light to find a shorter, accelerated and direct way to the Holy Ark. In addition to the esthetics and beauty of this ceiling, this element, too, has an emotional meaning which is very befitting for a synagogue in every which way.