Exhibition Hall and Offices of the “Herbalife” Company – Rishon LeZion

Area: About 600 m

The exhibition hall of the “Herbalife” Company in Rishon LeZion is large and spacious. This hall contains displays of products which are for sale, placed on illuminated shelves on peripheral walls, in addition to fixtures in the middle which carry special offers. In addition, the hall has sitting areas for business and sales meetings, scattered across the space.

Opposite the entrance to the hall are the cashiers which are arranged in a staggered way as to maintain the privacy of the customers as far as possible. Product display units are positioned as dividers between stations, and on the back wall opposite the entrance is a large company logo.

The fixtures at the center are intended to display products that are on special offer; they were designed in wood with glass shelves, with built-in lighting.